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The Writing Piazza

Welcome to the Seekerverse!

This is the place for all things related to my novel series. The first book of the Seeker Saga is the soon to be released book entitled The Seeker Initiative.

The Seeker Initiative is a full length Science Fiction novel set a couple centuries in the future. Read below for a brief look at what it will be about:

The year is 2215 and though the story takes place on Earth, it is not the same Earth as it was in the 21st century. A breakthrough invention commonly referred to as “the Captain” has unlocked the full potential of the brain and allows its user to create anything by merely thinking it into existence. After a period of disastrous trial and error, a council of ‘Enlightened Ones’ was put in place to determine what limits were necessary for society’s protection. A group of ‘Peace Connoisseurs’ were also enlisted to watch over the day-to-day safety concerns. Now, a hundred years after its invention, the Captain is being implanted into everyone when they reach the age of 18. World hunger has been eradicated, the word ‘war’ has been forgotten, and every need can be met with nothing more than a thought. The evolution of the world has reached its heightened, final state…Or has it?

Alitheia Seeker keeps losing people she cares about. Being the inquisitive person she is, she sets out to find answers. But her ability to tell whenever someone is lying, makes her dangerous to those who wish to keep their secrets hidden. As she uncovers the truth, she learns that a covert group has taken control of the minds of every adult on the planet. Through the use of the Captain devices, they can ‘recondition’ anyone who opposes them. To free the world from the clandestine tyrants, Alitheia and her friends must find a way to stop them. They must each use their special talents to rescue an enslaved planet that has been fooled into believing they are free.

Would you do anything to free those you loved? Would you risk everything to save a world that may not wish to be saved? Would you ask the difficult questions even if you’re not sure you’ll like the answers? If so, then you might have what it takes to join The Seeker Initiative.


Come back here for more updates on my series and what else that’s in store for Alitheia Seeker and her friends.