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Please Read this!

Postby thewritingpiazza » Sun Dec 28, 2014 6:38 pm

Hey guys and gals! I just wanted to thank you for joining my writer's forums! I hope you will check back and contribute often. Your amazing thoughts are what keeps this place worth visiting! There have been so many times where I have gotten stuck while I was writing and I wished I had a place like this I could go to. A place where I could talk to other writers who would understand what I was going through. I have also learned quite a few lessons that were hard to figure out on my own. It made me think about how great it would be to have someone who could show me the ropes. Someone to help me navigate the pitfalls of writing before I fell headlong into them. Then when I spoke to my other writer friends and acquaintances, I learned that they thought they could really benefit from something similar. That's why we created these forums. They can be a place where we can come together as a community of writers and support one another. We can share our learned lessons, offer helpful feedback and give one another encouragement on this journey. I hope you find this a great refuge and also a great resource as you continue working on your craft.

P.S. There are three levels to the forums.
Newbie, Intermediate, and Pro.
These levels are based on the number of times you post a substantive comment or topic.
Posts 1-25 = Newbie
Posts 26-50 = Intermediate
Posts 51+ and a novel (short story, poetry) that has been or will soon be published = Pro
Once you hit Intermediate, you will unlock some additional forum topics and then once you reach Pro you will unlock the final set of topics.

The general forum topics that you can see as soon as you sign up, are a place for all writers whether you write simply for fun or if you are or are hoping to make a career of it. The locked sets of forum topics offer content for the more career focused writers.

The locked forum topics will also offer a place for writers to have their work critiqued. By requiring you to post a number of times before you can share your work to have it critiqued, it prevents people from just showing up to have their work critiqued and then disappearing. We are trying to create a community of writers who support each other and offer feedback as well as receive feedback. Posting substantial responses to posts by other people and starting relevant topics are a big part of what these forums are about. So please don't just post quick comments to try to get your count up. Share your wisdom and experiences, help us create an environment where writers can collaborate and create some of the best work this world has ever seen!
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