Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell

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Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell

Postby Persephone810 » Mon Dec 29, 2014 10:20 pm

"Cloud Atlas is a 2004 novel, the third book by British author David Mitchell. It consists of six nested stories that take the reader from the remote South Pacific in the nineteenth century to a distant, post-apocalyptic future." (Wikipedia)

I'm a little past halfway and I've really been enjoying the story. The above description mentions six nested stories, but it doesn't tell of the most aggravating thing about this book. The first half of the book has the first half of each of those six stories. I must admit I almost flung the book across the room when the second story ended so abruptly. But then again, it gives the reader good reason to keep reading and finish the book, as one of the most famous quotes of the book says, "A half-read book is a half-finished love affair."

I've been enjoying the read, anyone else out there had a chance to read it? Or has maybe seen the movie?

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Re: Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell

Postby thewritingpiazza » Mon Jan 05, 2015 8:42 pm

I think that's the sign of a great book, when someone gets so upset when it ends. But yeah cliff hangers are very frustrating! You'll have to let us know how you like it when you get to the end. I haven't read it yet but it sounds interesting. I haven't seen the movie either, I'm curious how they would do it.
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